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Driven Racing Oil – Tech Articles

The New GF-6 Standard


With broad changes coming to vehicle emissions and fuel consumption standards in 2017, including an average annual efficiency improvement of five percent per year scheduled until 2025, the design of every part of a vehicle is soon to be challenged…

Proper Use of ZDP in Engine Oils


Zinc dithiophosphate or Zinc dialkyl dithiophosphate (ZDP) is to engine oils what Tetraethyl Lead is to gasoline. Both are highly specialized chemistries which provide significant performance boosts to the fluids they are placed in. ZDP is the most effective extreme pressure (EP) agent known to oil formulators…

Don’t Fall For Shady Oil Testing


Much confusion and debate exists in regards to motor oils and lubricants in general. One of the primary reasons for this is that lubricants are chemicals in a bottle. Unlike hardware or sheets of plywood that are easily measured, touched and observed, lubricants are these slippery products that we typically don’t like getting on our hands…

Choosing The Proper Oil Type


Let’s face it, the days of just choosing your favorite brand 20W-50 and putting it in your muscle car, race car and lawn tractor are over. While each engine is a 4 stroke, the engines themselves and the motor oils are more specialized.

That means you have to decide which oil is right for your muscle car, which oil you will use in your race car, and what oil you will use in your lawn tractor….

Racing Oil 101


The difference between synthetic and mineral oils are the structure of the molecules and the purity of the oil. Refined crude oil contains complex mixtures of different molecular structures and saturates (Nitrogen, Sulfur and Oxygen). There is no way to select only the best materials from this mixture….