Choosing The Proper Oil Type

Let’s face it, the days of just choosing your favorite brand 20W-50 and putting it in your muscle car, race car and lawn tractor are over. While each engine is a 4 stroke, the engines themselves and the motor oils are more specialized.

That means you have to decide which oil is right for your muscle car, which oil you will use in your race car, and what oil you will use in your lawn tractor….

Racing Oil 101

The difference between synthetic and mineral oils are the structure of the molecules and the purity of the oil. Refined crude oil contains complex mixtures of different molecular structures and saturates (Nitrogen, Sulfur and Oxygen). There is no way to select only the best materials from this mixture….

Nickies™ for 911 models (incl. 930, 964, 993 through 1998)

LN Engineering is proud to offer our Nickies™, the ultimate cylinders for your powerful & reliable aircooled engine.

It is not always that you hear high performance and long life paired together, especially when referring to performance aircooled engines. It is very typical, even with high-powered cooling systems, that high-performance engines run too hot, and as you know heat kills…

M96 Engine Rebuild

Price wise, a factory replacement engine will cost about as much as properly rebuilding your engine, including the products and services offered by LN Engineering, which will result in a more durable engine with greater performance (due to increase in displacement)….