Billet Washable 60-micron Racing Oil Filter.


For those familiar with using an Accusump on your M96 or M97-equipped Boxster, Cayman, or 911, you are probably familiar with the lack of ground clearance, requiring use of a very small (shorty) oil filter. The LN Engineering Billet Spin-On High Performance Oil Filter uses a slightly increased porosity stainless mesh (60 versus the 30 micron of the stock paper filter). Along with increased surface area and larger pore size, our “shorty” Billet High Performance Washable Oil Filter will outperform the 1081 or it’s larger sibling, the 1042, hands down. This increase in flow along with a smaller pressure loss across the element ensures the best possible protection for your engine from oil starvation.

When coupled with our magnetic drain plug, a superior lubricant like Joe Gibbs XP9, and reduced drain intervals, our billet filter provides the best balance for cars that see both street and track use. With the introduction of our billet filter, for applications where ground clearance needs to be observed, we no longer recommend the Napa Gold 1081 and use of our billet filter is highly recommended for all vehicles used on the track instead of the Napa Gold 1042.

The proper procedure for cleaning the filter involves dis-assembly of the filter and removal of the washable element. Wash out filter cup with mineral spirits or similar solvent. Do not get solvent of any type on the o-rings or seals, otherwise they will have to be replaced. Be sure to clean the filter element from the inside out to ensure media is clean. Oil o-rings and seals prior to re-assembly. Pre-fill the oil filter if so desired. Snug up the filter when re-installing and turn 1/2 to 3/4 of a turn tighter by hand as you would a conventional spin on oil filter.