UOA : Used Oil Analysis

Failure to use the right oil, use proper filtration, or observe proper changing intervals can affect the performance of even the best motor oil. This also includes changing the oil too often (needlessly bad for the environment and your wallet) or not often enough. Against conventional wisdom, engine wear decreases as oil ages to a certain extent, which means that changing your oil more frequently actually causes engine wear…

The Secrets behind Nickies™

How are Nickies™ different from a factory aluminum cylinder?

There were three varieties of aluminum cylinders typically found on aircooled engines. First biral cylinders with aluminum fins cast around cast iron liners. These perform more like cast iron cylinders. Then there were early aluminum cylinders, utilized a ferral sputter or splatter-coat or chromal plating, typically identified by its dimpled bores. Later, Porsche turned to Mahle’s Nikasil™ and Kolbenschmidt’s Alusil™. Although both were aluminum, that’s where the similarity with “Nickies™” ends. So how are Nickies™ better?

Nickies™ for 1997-2008 Boxster, Cayman, & 911

When rebuilding an M96 or M97 engine, there are many considerations when evaluating your options.

Re-ringing your M96 or M97 engine isn’t even an option for most rebuilds, however most engine builders re-ring engines after only doing a visual inspection of cylinder bores rather than measuring the cylinders for ovality and taper. It is a guarantee if the engine has not been sleeved, the bores are out of spec on even a “fresh” rebuild…

Cylinder Reconditioning

LN Engineering is proud to offer cylinder reconditioning, including NSC plating of chromal (chrome), ferral (i.e. flame-spray, splatter or sputter-coat), and other vintage cast aluminum or even cast iron cylinders. We understand the need to preserve originality and strive to modernize or restore even the oldest or most worn-out of cylinders! All starting around $200 per cylinder!

Oil – What motor oil is best for my aircooled Porsche? (or any high performance engine)

What general characteristics make motor oils specifically well suited to an aircooled or other high performance engine? Aside from recommendations issued by Porsche, what makes a good oil? These oils must be thermally stable, having a very high flashpoint, low noack volatility, and must “maintain proper lubrication and protect vital engine components under the extreme pressure and the high temperature conditions” found in aircooled Porsches…

Joe Gibbs Racing Oils

For years we have tested many lubricants by various manufacturers to ensure we are offering our customers the best protection for their aircooled and watercooled engines, but now, we can offer the first oils specifically developed to meet our requirements that has been tested in our aircooled and watercooled engines! LN Engineering proudly offers the complete line of Joe Gibbs Driven lubricants and automotive fluids…